Optimizing Servo Motors for Increased Machine Performance

TruTech Servo Motors & Systems White paper guide for better performing equipment in today’s ultra-competitive environment This white paper describes the evolution and implementation of electric motors in machine designs. With ever increasing expectations for additional machine performance, OEM designs today require more in-depth consideration of motors needed to perform […]

Are You UL Listed?

After many years of working with various motor manufacturers, it is still surprising that so few customers understand the UL process. And for many of us, including our customers, it is not what we might have thought we were getting. I have known several people to use laboratories such as […]

Designing an In-Hub Brushless Motor

Article for Machine Design Magazine Lowell Christensen, Founder and VP of Engineering TruTech Specialty Motors Motors that are built into the hub of a wheel can offer many advantages to mobility applications. These can range in sizes from small over the road vehicles down to mobility scooters. The main reason […]

Off Grid Mission Focused Electric Motion

As engine driven hydraulic and pneumatic applications migrate to electric motion, the concept of designing the entire system to meet mission requirements becomes important. Using recent developments in 1 to 10Kw power conversion, it is now possible to design the motion system to the optimum operating voltage for the application […]