Optimizing Servo Motors for Increased Machine Performance

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White paper guide for better performing equipment in today’s ultra-competitive environment

This white paper describes the evolution and implementation of electric motors in machine designs. With ever increasing expectations for additional machine performance, OEM designs today require more in-depth consideration of motors needed to perform required control and motion. There are a variety of rotary and linear motors available including AC or DC motor variants with several different winding technologies. Nearly all are available in varying forms and each have a place when fulfilling specific motion functionality as required.

The focus here will be on the advantages of rotary permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) whether they are configured as AC variants, labeled as permanent magnet AC (PMAC) typically without feedback, or as DC versions, commonly referred as brushless DC (BLDC) with feedback devices. These motors are more prevalent than all others when providing machine control for discrete manufacturing and processing. With the updated set of methodologies and processes for supplying these servo motors, modern OEM designs can expect superior machine performance and with an increased competitive advantage when BLDC servo motors are utilized.

The choice of implementing servos already includes the most efficient and dynamic motors the market can offer. This potential allows OEM machine designers to extend that performance to their respective customers. Further, as those designers have many different motor choices available, all too often they want to gravitate to familiar vendor choices to ease development. Although this may seem a logical choice at first, it could be contrary to the best choices possible for maximizing machine operation.

This document is intended to be a PMSM servo motor considerations process as laid out with the goal of providing machine designers and mechanical engineers best possible information for motor optimization. The factors outlined will allow a maximization of design efforts, regardless of the machine they are entrusted to design and deliver.

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