TruTech Servo Motors & Systems was founded in 2010 by individuals with over 50 years of combined experience. Having seen many potential Permanent Magnet Servo Motor (PMSM) projects overlooked or unfulfilled, the foundation of our company was built upon delivering unique solutions for motors and motor systems with complex specifications fully implemented. Specialized constructions can include basic NEMA ICS 16 components, standard frame sizes with pre-specified shaft and mount dimensioning, delivered within one week to new/unique designs with prototypes tested within 6-8 weeks. With complete engineering, prototyping and manufacturing/production facilities, TruTech is ready to be your servo motor systems provider.


Compromises – OEM’s, integrators and builders of various machines often accept existing or cataloged servo motors. Being available, in reality, leads to solutions that are overpriced, oversized, under supported on equipment where the end design of the machine needed to adapt accordingly. A more-costly pursuit than you might normally realize.


Results – TruTech’s Optimization Process provides customers with what they need. As an extension of your engineering team, we look at the entire system. Whether using basic components with client specific windings or designing completely new motors, we strive to meet your specifications at a cost target that delivers best performance solutions.