Electric Wizard

electric-wizardElectric Wizard is an English doom metal band from Dorset, England. The band formed in 1993 and have recorded eight full length albums, two of which are now considered to be genre landmarks: Come My Fanatics... and Dopethrone. Electric Wizard's brand of doom metal incorporates stoner and sludge traits, with lyrics focusing on the occult, witchcraft, H.P. Lovecraft, horror films and cannabis. In 2014 they formed Witchfinder Records, an imprint of Spinefarm Records, on which they will release all future albums.

TruTech’s Electric Wizard Band is comprised of Lowell Christensen, Brian Sabalaskey and Tom Frick.


Our band formed in 2010. While sometimes is seems like motor design is a bit of hocus pocus, it really is quite a technical skill. A true combination of experience and ingenuity. That is not to say that we have not had some unpredictable horrors, but these are due to very unusual customer requests. None of which, Tom is not able to develop a process or solution to meet specifications.

p_fridleyIn other news, we are completely settled into our new facility. What a welcome change!

We will also be exhibiting (booth 1244) at the Electric & Hybrid tradeshow noted below. Please stop in to visit if you are in the area.


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