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No Motor is an Island

(with appologies to John Donne) No motor has value unless it’s in an application. The same is true of a motor/ controller drive system. Yet, as even the smallest of drives gets smarter their flexibility to contribute to the overall performance of the application has not kept pace. Deep down, […]

Look Ma… No More (added) Wires!

I firmly believe that at some point, 100% of all electric motor power will pass through at least one semiconductor. Most, if not all will be under microcontroller control and will be able to communicate with the outside world. But just how will that be done? Last month I touched […]

Digital Power

Welcome to the Digital Power blog. I’m Gary Box, CTO of Software Defined Power and I’ll be blogging from time to time on all things related to converting energy digitally. Note I’m not limiting myself to just converting electrical energy to mechanical energy (or vice versa), but I’ll be stepping […]

An Open Source Motion API

Gary Box Digital Power Engineering www.digitalpowerengineering Abstract The advent of Machine to Machine (M2M) networking presents both an opportunity and challenge to the Motor and Drive industry, particularly for older applications that have yet to move to electronic control and higher efficiency motors. To get on the ‘Cloud’ these cost […]

Designing In-Hub Brushless Motors

Lowell Christensen, Founder, Vice President of Engineering TruTech Specialty Motors, Plymouth, MN Electric motors formatted to fit inside the wheel of a vehicle have their own special constraints that impact the design of propulsion systems. In-hub motors are traction motors in that they change rotary motion to linear motion. They are […]

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure, and whatever comes our way. While this was the theme song for Easy Rider, this could have been the same theme for what became to be known as Ted’s amazing adventure August 2012. Just under 10,000 miles, 34 […]

Roundabout – Yes

“Roundabout” is a song by the English progressive rock band Yes. It is the first single released from their fourth studio album, Fragile. “Roundabout” has become one of the best-known songs by Yes. The song is 8:35 in length. The song was shortened and released as a single with the […]