Stator Winding

Customer Supplied Motor

  • TruTech can run motor to determine current specifications
  • We then disassemble motor to stator and unwind current configuration
  • Through analysis we can determine the best winding/voltage requirement to achieve different results
  • TruTech can then wind motor to the new parameters
  • Test and ship

Customer Supplied Laminations or Stator

  • Customer can supply loose laminations or bonded stator
  • TruTech can test to determine best winding data for application
  • Completed winding will be tested and shipped as a part set

TruTech Supplied Laminations

  • TruTech can become the lamination supplier
  • We would first verify lamination design
  • Design tooling
  • Stack, bond, insulate and prep stack for winding
  • Complete winding and ship to customer

TruTech strives to make motors and part sets to the best of your applications requirements. We will work you throughout the process to ensure that you get what exactly you need.