Rapid Prototyping

Standard Product – Delivery in under two weeks

  • We review power requirements with each customer.
  • All standard components are in stock, but motors are always built to order.
  • We can make minor modifications to end caps, encoder mounts, shaft lengths, etc.
  • Ke is always customer specified.

Customer Design

  • Customer provides timeline of requirements.
  • Product could vary from a part set to a completely housed motor.
  • May be a combination of an existing lamination / magnetic circuit to a new design.


We work with several USA and foreign suppliers for standard and custom accessories. We carry some of these in inventory for those times when quick delivery is necessary.

Case Study 1 – Customer flew in at 10:00 AM with a specially geared shaft. Within twelve hours, we built a motor around the shaft. Motor included a special winding, thermal protection, custom connectors, IP67 rating.

Case Study 2 – Customer required a new concept for a 16” diameter pancake style motor. This included a laser cut lamination, special shaped complex curved magnets, custom hall boards, unique winding. In working with our vendors we were able to supply completed project in just under four weeks.