Design Consulting

Technology Research – visionary paper model

  • Define product needs in size/physical limitations
  • Input limits
  • Output performance
  • Design a motor part set consisting of a stator and rotor to mount inside a housing that meets the customer’s physical area requirements
  • Define lamination size, lamination slots, pole count and winding parameters

Approximate time: 20-30 hours

Technology Development – Computer FEA Model

  • Define magnetic circuit parameters for materials used in magnets and iron components
  • Rerun design in more detail for optimization of the design path, there are two or more programs used to verify designs

Approximate time: 30-40 hours

Design – Part Definition and Sourcing

  • Define parameters from the optimized design to meet specific requirements
  • Define the sourcing of materials needed to meet specifications

Approximate time: 16-20 hours

Documentation – Computer 2D/3D Modeling

  • Draw up critical parts in the magnetic circuit and winding
  • Draw cut away views of the magnetic circuit
  • Winding layout, turns, wire gauge
  • Motor performance curves defined
  • Customer review

Approximate time: 10-16 hours

Motor Documentation – Prototype Documentation

  • Draw up piece part prints
  • Draw up assembly prints

Approximate time: 40-60 hours

Prototype – Prototype Tooling & Assemblies

  • Define part and assembly tooling (ie: lamination stacks, end turn forming, bonding of stack to housing)
  • Draw up tooling prints
  • Preliminary assembly plan
  • Order parts

Approximate time: 32-40 hours
Manufacturing time of assembly tooling: 3-5 weeks ARO
Manufacturing time of laminations and magnets: 6-8 weeks ARO

Design Verification – Build & Test Prototypes

  • Build prototypes
  • Define testing requirements
  • Test motors
  • Review test data to design data
  • Make changes to winding program if necessary and re-build
  • Customer trials
  • Customer review

Approximate time: 40-80 hours

Design Review

  • Manufacturing review
  • Preproduction review

Approximate time: 8 hours

Design Support – Production Documentation

  • Initial production documentation
  • Support to production startup issues
  • Production pricing review
  • Production tooling review

Approximate time: 24-30 hours

Continuation Engineering – Product Maintenance

  • Documentation changes/ECO’s
  • Quality plan
  • Final build plan – router
  • Purchasing/inventory production plan

Approximate time: 20-30 hours